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Water Restoration 

If you have a flood or water damaged property, our professional water and fire restoration team at We Build Green will respond immediately to your call and initiate the restoration process. We realize the necessity to start restoration work within 24 hours and will provide prompt service to ensure there is no further risk of damage. 

Our Team is Certified and Highly Experienced

We have years of experience in handling water-related disasters and are well-versed in dealing with insurance companies. We ensure with our prompt service that there is no possibility of secondary damage like mold contamination. We provide comprehensive services, comprising of water extraction, structural drying of concrete, carpet, brickwork or other content like your furniture, or cupboard. Our skilled technical team will verify whether your damage was caused by clean, grey, or black water as per the prescribed guidelines. We will also monitor the property for electrical, structural, or other hazards.  

Top-Quality Service using State of the Art Equipment 

Our team inspects damaged areas with moisture detection meters and then uses the latest drying equipment like air movers or dehumidifiers to remove the maximum amount of water. With our timely action, we ensure that you do not suffer from allergic reactions or asthma caused by water damage. After our service, we even provide proof using our meters to display your property is completely dry.

Fire Restoration

A fire at your property can be a life-changing event causing extensive damage to your property and belongings. In addition to physical harm to yourself and others. By calling a professional fire restoration service like We Build Green, you can prevent the possibility of further damages.

Prompt and Effective Service by Professionals

Our skilled and experienced team knows how vital it is to respond quickly within 24 hours after a fire since smoke and soot can cause further damage if not neutralized. After we arrive at the site, we analyze everything and inform you about the extent of damage caused by the fire and smoke. Then, we immediately do damage control by covering the affected windows and doors or tarping your roofs to protect your property and ensuring there is no further damage caused by other elements. We will then prepare for the restoration process by removing smoke, odors, charred items, and soot. Our experts are trained to use the right methods for cleaning since the wrong ones can further increase the damage already caused.  

We Guarantee Full Normalcy After our Restoration Service

Our team are specialists in fire restoration and will do everything to restore normalcy to your life. We will respond after receiving your call immediately and ensure that your property is free of substances that can be hazardous to your wellbeing. Our experts will also guarantee that your property is entirely odor-free. 

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Jane Doe, Encino California

Jane Doe, Encino California

Jane Doe, Encino California

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