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If you are contemplating adding an extra room to your home, ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) is the best solution. ADU’s are an excellent investment that provides a source of income that you can use to pay off your loans. We Build Green has the experience to understand your long-term requirements and is well-versed with the rules and regulations concerning ADUs. 

Our Expert Team makes the Process Risk-Free

Our trained team will guide you through the entire process and help you get the required permits from local authorities. We will ensure that all zonal regulations are complied with so that there are no legal issues in the future. We will examine your property and analyze its limitations and potential and see whether it will be approved for permits. We consider your location, the cost of materials, regulations, and other factors and try to work out a solution that perfectly fits your budget. Our experienced architects and designers have pre-approved plans that ensure there are no uncertainties regarding getting permits. This also helps to bring down the design costs. We offer plans and elevations that are best suited for your property and your specific requirements. 

An Excellent Investment that Improves your Quality of Life

We are aware of how ADU’s provide the privacy needed in joint families and make the family members’ lives comfortable by removing inconveniences like shared bathrooms or cluttered rooms. Our expert team provides customized ADU solutions for such families, giving them their much-needed independent living space and reducing their stress while still maintaining family connectivity. ADUs allow young members to live independently while still being connected with their families. They also permit you to care for senior members who are in their old age and suffer from disability or disease while respecting their independence.

Customized Services at your Budget

We realize how rising rental costs and a shortage of affordable housing make it difficult for you to fulfill your dreams. Our tailor-made ADU solutions solve your accommodation problems by enabling you to convert your basements, garages, or attics or make small additions to a usable property. Our experienced team reduces your stress by taking care of all the process and zonal documentation involved in constructing an ADU. Our solutions enable you to live with your existing resources while creating an income source from your property. It also gives parents an option to rent out the main portion of their home and get an income. With ADUs, we help create financial security and more enjoyment in life for families.

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Jane Doe, Encino California

Jane Doe, Encino California

Jane Doe, Encino California

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